Launch Your Book


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You did it! You finished your draft and now you are wanting to put your story out into the world. I can help you with that.

Publishing does not have to be an obstacle for you to get your book out into the world. It is a technical process. I will break down the publishing process for you into doable steps and connect you to professional publishing services including editing, design, printing, distribution, and promotion. 

When I decided to publish, I knew that traditional publishing was not for me. I didn’t want to wait for my book to be accepted by a publisher, and then continue to wait for publication. So, I managed each part of the process myself and was able to move my book project forward in a matter of months, instead of years.

Since I self-published, I have done a book launch party, numerous book talks, a book tour, educational presentations, a radio interview and a TV interview, all on my own, using simple marketing tools and a whole lot of grit.

And, I was able to raise all my publishing costs upfront through the blessings of many backers so I didn’t pay for any publishing costs out of my own pocket.

Self-publishing is a successful option for many authors.

One of the most rewarding aspect of being self-published is primary control over what I do with my book.  I appreciate the freedom of owning all the rights to my work as well as the physical books. I enjoy giving promotional copies of my book away and having the option to sell them at any price without binding exclusivity contracts to one buyer.

With my help, your book can be published efficiently and professionally. Together we can systematically build your team of support  to publish your book in 13 weeks.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a free consultation. I would love to talk to you about your project to see if this self-publishing service might be a good fit for you.