We all have powerful stories to tell; stories to change our world. We live in uncertain times and each of us have the ability to make great change for a better world.

Self-publishing is a mode which allows ease of access for sharing our stories so we can get those stories out there and transform people’s lives.

The self-publishing process is available to all, but it does take gumption to push a project through to completion. Hoot Your Words offers a variety of different tools to help guide you through the process and make it as fast, easy, and affordable as possible.

Tools available include:

TOOL #1:  Download a self publishing checklist.  This checklist outlines the steps for self-publishing, including specific examples of what I did for each step along the way.

TOOL #2: Enroll in a class. If you are interested in a broad overview, my next Launch Your Book class will be Be Your Own Publisher, part of the Loft’s First Pages series, at Shakopee Library on Saturday, April 13 at 11:40 a.m.  If you would like to get going on self-publishing your book in a group format, check out my 13-week intensive which covers each step in depth, resulting in your published book.

TOOL #3: One-on-one guidance is another option. As your self-publishing coach, I would personally lead you as you independently self-publish your book.