A wise man in the book industry once told me: there are not enough presses for all the writers, publishers cannot meet demand, even for the best quality writing. This was an aha! moment for me. So many great stories out there and no one to publish them all? We need those stories!

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Do you have a manuscript written that you would like to publish?

I have a few opportunities for you to self-publish your book.

First, I will be presenting Be Your Own Publisher, part of the Loft’s First Pages series, at Shakopee Library on Saturday, April 13 at 11:40 a.m.

Second, I would love to support you one on one to help you publish your book.

I also have a 13-week course covering each step of the self-publishing process in detail, to turn your completed manuscript into a published book. I would like to tell you about that.

In 13 weeks, you will come away with:

  • A marketing plan for your book
  • A webpage
  • Your published book in hand!

Instruction includes: 

  • 18 hours of direct instruction outlining the self-publishing process
  • Email support between classes for questions and help with each step
  • A workbook to track your progress


  • If you are interested in this class please contact me here to arrange a time to talk in person or over the phone about your book.
  • Once there is enough interests (four authors or more) we will begin.


To be determined based on number of participants.

A book is big, but you are ready; you have already committed to a writing practice and you have a story ready to go. Publishing is your next step. Could you set aside one evening a week for 13 weeks plus 2 hours per week for preparation, all to get your book published?


Topics we will cover over the 13 weeks:

  • organizing your book team – editor, designer, printer, distributor
  • book cover design
  • raising funds via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Dreamfund
  • the importance of editing
  • creative book promotion via email, social media, in person, and your website
  • formatting the inside of your book (print)
  • copyright, library of congress, ISBN
  • ebook formatting and publishing online
  • printing and distributing your book
  • planning a book release party

Note: a laptop is recommended for this course

Please contact me if you are interested.
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Brooke Dierkhising is a teacher, researcher, artist, and author. She has an MS from Northwestern University in Education and a BA from the University of MN in English Literature with a minor in Studio Art. She has been leading and creating enrichment programming since 1998; a teaching journey that has unfolded with nine years in the public school system, seven years providing out-of-school enrichment, becoming a mother, homeschooling, and spending as much time as possible alone contemplating nature. In 2015, she published Many Ways to See the Sun: Nature Meditation for Children and the Adults who Love Them, a book of stories inspired by her work with children in nature. In 2018 she launched, Hoot Your Words, a service offering self-publishing tools for writers through classes and one-on-one support. She lives in Minneapolis with her family, two cats, and a dog with big ears.